Renewing Annual Membership

Directions on how to pay your annual dues.
Renewing Annual Dues in QuickBooks

In migrating away from our previous member management services, it was very important to find the best fit for our membership dues payment method. Based on features in QuickBooks, it was decided to use it for our membership dues. This change requires us to recapture your payment method for your dues. Below are steps to create your account and pay your dues online.

Note: You may be prompted to create an account. If you receive this prompt, please follow the directions to create your account in QuickBooks and set up your payment preferences. This is a free account as a customer and for the security of your data. 

You will be offered the option to set up your dues to run automatically on your card. This is completely optional for annual membership dues. If you do not want to set up for your card to run automatically, no problem. QuickBooks allows me to create these invoices 30 days in advance for your information and budgeting needs.

When it is time for your dues to renew QuickBooks will automatically generate and email your invoice. When you receive the email from QBO you will have a “Review and pay” button. Click on it. Please note the amount in this is for instructional purposes only and not necessarily reflective of your level of membership.


You will then come to the payment screen:

Select your payment method of Debit, Credit or Bank for an ACH draft and complete the requested information.

If you wish to do so, turn on the Autopay feature:

Additional options: If you choose to do so you can use the following links to send your card or account information electronically.

Credit Card Authorization Form – use this link for uploading your credit card data.

ACH Authorization Form – use this link for uploading your ACH data.

Then finish with the Pay button.

If you have any issues, please reach out to me so I can assist you through the process.

Julie – 512-755-2282 –

Please note: Annual dues are not being offered to new members at this time. Any current annually paying member who wishes to pay monthly may do so by letting me know.