Lethal Lace Universal Concealed Carry Holster

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Lethal Lace Universal Concealed Carry Holster


Universal Concelaed Carry Holster

5 Holsters in 1

  • Lethal Lace Hidden Holster is a beautifully designed, strong and durable feminine self defense item
  • Constructed for easy concealed carrying of a weapon, it can conveniently hold a handgun of any size
  • A Neoprene foam pad offers added cushioning in the pocket, and is removable for better concealment
  • The piece features 2 pockets, one for a firearm and one for magazines or other accessories
  • This useful item can be hand-washed and air dried, or machine washed in a garment bag & air dried

The beautifully crafted, strong and durable feminine LethalLace works as a concealed carry holster, so women can easily carry a firearm close at hand for self-defense. It is easy to put on and has two pockets. The first holds a handgun of any size, while the other can hold magazines or other accessories. The lace can be arranged to hold the handgun in over 5 unique positions. There is also a neoprene foam padding that offers enhanced cushioning, but can be removed to help conceal the gun further. It does not lose elasticity over time and can be simply hand washed or machine washed and then air dried. Furthermore, it can fit most sizes, from XS up to XL.