Hy-Wyd Action Package


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Hy-Wyd Action Package

Hy-Wyd Action Shooting Package
Comp Pair – 64 – Gold – Plano – Both – Polycarbonate
Colors: Gold, LMTO, BRZ-2

Action Package

Plano ($234) | Rx Single Vision ($556) | Rx Bifocal ($640)

The Action Shooting Sports Package is aimed at providing a comprehensive selection of colors for shooting IPDA, USPSA, 3-Gun, and IPSC. This package includes a set of Gold Lite Medium #15 for indoor shooting ranges, extreme low light conditions, or even the occasional shoot house. This package also offers a pair of Target Orange Lite Medium for low light conditions when additional light transmission is required and increased target contrast is desired. Finally, our Bronze Medium #2 is designed to increase contrast while shading the eyes on bright sunny days.