What camp is like…

Activities include Bible studies and devotionals, hunter’s education, safety videos, shooting instruction with shotgun, pistol and rifles both on the range and with a firearms simulator. The campers are sure to have fun during this 4 day, 3 night camp. All activities are age appropriate in both training levels, equipment used, and content. 

All sessions are open to all youth, boys and girls, at least 10 years of age at the time of camp session. 

2020 Camp Dates: 

Session 1:     June 14-17, 2020

Session 2:     June 28-July 1, 2020

Session 3:     July 19-22, 2020 

Camp Activites

Bible & Devotions: All studies will be age appropriate with discussions led by the campers with lessons on the importance and power of prayer.

Firearms: Firearms used during camp will be age and size appropriate for any given camper under strict supervision and rules. Shotguns will range from .410 to 12 gauge. Handguns will range from .22 to 9-mm. Rifles will range from .22 to 223. No camper will be made to shoot a firearm they do not feel comfortable with. 

Simulator Shooting Drills: Before the campers begin working on the ranges with firearms and live ammunition we will introduce them to firearms and firearms safety with the use of a firearms simulator practicing safe range safety before going live on the ranges..

Swimming in the Stock Tank: If we have had rain and there is plenty of water in the tank, we will allow the campers to swim, with adult supervision. There may even be a canoe or two available. 

Hunter’s Education: This is the TPWD Hunter Education course that is required of all hunter born after September 1, 1971. It is required that all youth have this course once they turn 18 to be able to hunt in the State of Texas. 

Shooting Instruction on the Range: Our instructors have many years of experience teaching a variety of shooters. We have worked with both novice & experienced shooters and all age levels.,

Safety Videos: We will be showing several safety videos developed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation on gun safety. These are scenario based with a question and answer sessions before and after the viewing of each video. 

Scenario Creation: Each session will create & film their own firearm safety scenarios using our TI Training Firearm Simulator. These scenarios will portray real-life situations that our youth may be presented with while at home, at a friends house, on the playground, or on the range. The campers will pick which scenario they want to film as well has help direct the outcomes.


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