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Helice Reservations 


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Let's get started with your helice reservation...

Be sure to check in at the clubhouse upon arrival! 

Payment for services/products is due at the end of your appointment.




We look forward to seeing you at the club and at on the clay course.  Use this form to schedule your clay shooting activity. Please fill out all required. 

Upon arrival, check in at the clubhouse. Everyone in the group will be required to sign the release form. Fees for clays used will be paid prior to your departure.



When scheduling, pick a time you will arrive. The appointment times are to let us know when to expect you/your group. You do not need to make additional reservations for your day if you plan to be here longer than the time shown in the reservation. If you want us to know how long to expect you to be at the club, just let us know in the text area in the reservation form.


Helice Reservations for General Public Access

Try the fun challening game of Helice (also known as ZZ Birds). This is a fast paced shooting experience that most resembles wild birds. Recommended gear is a 12 gauge shotgun with full chokes. Ammunition is restricted to 1 ounce loads.


  • $75 - Helice Field Set UP Fee paid upon reservation to book (nonrefundable)
  • $3 - Per Helice Target Fee
  • Prices do not include sales tax that will be calculated at checkout upon completion of range time.


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