AGC Release of Liability

with Rules & Regulations

Austin Gun Club Release of Liability and Rules and Regulations

Austin Gun Club

Liability Waiver



Release of Liability

I hereby acknowledge that I have voluntarily requested to observe and/or participate in activities at properties managed by Austin Gun Club, LLC (AGC). For the purpose of this agreement, if used alone “AGC” includes but is not limited to Austin Gun Club, LLC, its owners, staff, volunteers, vendors and property owners.

I understand that Austin Gun Club, its owners, staff, and/or representatives have the right to refuse/cancel/suspend membership, service, activities, and/or entry to property, events, competitions, etc. to anyone.

I understand that the activities of shooting, hunting, horseback riding, riding vehicles (ATVs/UTVs/ranch vehicles) and equipment are inherently dangerous involving risks and other hazards and exposures connected therewith which could result in damage or destruction of property and physical or emotional injury, including paralysis or death, of myself or of other persons. I also understand that the nature and condition of the ranges, facilities, premises, and environment is such that both known and unanticipated hazards exist which create or contribute to both known and unknown risks inherent in entering the property, in using the range facilities, and in engaging in or observing any activities of any kind whatsoever while on the property. I am aware of the risks and dangers inherent with these activities, and I knowingly and willingly assume the risk thereof, whether obvious or not obvious.

I acknowledge the general risks described above and the specific risks associated with shooting & hunting activities at AGC. I fully assume responsibility for these risks, and any resulting injuries from the shooting or hunting activities as a condition of being an observer or participant.

I understand and agree that any injury or loss of personal property and expenses as a result of my negligence in any scheduled or unscheduled activities is my responsibility. I also understand that I will be responsible for damages as a result of my actions, either by replacement or repair, caused to animals, equipment and property owned or provided by AGC and/or associate vendors.

I further agree not to sue, claim against, or attach AGC and their owners, staff, volunteers, vendors, personal representatives, or property owners for any injury caused by or resulting from my participation in the activities at their properties, whether such injury was caused by or resulting from their negligence or any other cause.

I further agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless AGC and its owners, staff, volunteers, vendors and property owners from any injury, loss or liability whatsoever, including attorneys' fees and/or any other associated costs, from any action, claim, or demand that I, or my heirs or legal representatives, have or may have for any and all personal injuries I may suffer or sustain, regardless of cause or fault as a result of my voluntary decision to observe or participate in the activities at AGC.

I attest that I am physically and mentally capable of participating in the activities at AGC and have no known health restrictions that might jeopardize my safety or health, or the safety or health of others.

In the event of an emergency or accident at AGC which renders me unconscious, I grant permission for emergency medical care to be administered to me while on the property and/or during or after transportation to a hospital or doctor for emergency medical care. I agree to assume all costs and expenses associated with said medical care and that I will not submit a claim against the AGC, its owners, staff, volunteers, vendors and property owners for said costs and expenses.

I agree to not disclose any information to any other individual or entity regarding the names or activities of persons or groups utilizing the facilities at AGC. Disclosure of any such information on my part could result in legal action against me for any damages to others or to AGC due to my actions.

I understand that still or video images of myself, my family and/or guests may be used for promotional purposes by AGC unless otherwise previously arranged between myself and AGC.

In consideration of the privilege of observing or participating in the activities at AGC, and further recognizing the voluntary nature of my participation in this event, I, the undersigned person, intending to be legally bound, hereby promise to waive for myself, my guardians, heirs, executor, administrators, legal representatives and any other persons on my behalf, any and all rights and claims for damages, demands, and any other actions whatsoever, including those attributable to simple negligence, which I may have against any of the following persons or entities: Austin Gun Club, LLC, its owners, staff, volunteers, vendors and property owners; any medical support personnel assigned thereto; and these persons' or entities' representatives, successors, and assigns which said injuries arise out of my observation and/or participation in activities at AGC. I further verify that I have full knowledge of the risks associated with activities at AGC.

I understand and agree that AGC, its owners, staff, volunteers, vendors and property owners maintain and reserve the absolute right to terminate my use of the range at any time. Reasons for termination may include but are not limited to: inappropriate conduct, failure to cooperate with rules and commands, health or safety considerations, or any other behavior deemed detrimental. AGC also has the right to refuse services, access to property or membership to anyone.

I declare that I have no medical, mental, or physical conditions or limitations that would interfere with my safety and/or the safety and health of others during any activities at Austin Gun Club. I attest that I am of sound mind, being mentally competent to engage in requested activities. I further declare that in the event of injury I have adequate insurance to cover any injury or damage I may cause or suffer in connection with any activities be it observatory or physically engaged.

In the event that I am acknowledging this release as the parent or legal guardian of a participant under the age of 18 ("minor"), in consideration of the minor being allowed to participate I consent and agree to all terms in this agreement as written for all parties.

I have carefully read the above and fully understand its contents. I am aware that I am releasing certain legal rights that I may have, and I enter into this contract of my own free will. Additionally, this release of liability agreement extends to any activities I participate in that are provided by another third-party vendor contracted by and/or through AGC, AGC staff or volunteers, and as well as the property owners.



Rules and Regulations

Gun safety rules must be followed at all time, no exceptions.
1. Treat every firearm as if it were loaded.
2. Never point a firearm at anything you are not willing to kill or destroy.
3. Keep your firearm on safe and finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire.
4. Know your target and what is beyond.

In the event of an emergency:
1. Call a cease fire.
2. Call 911 – your location address is: 2901 County Road 206, Lampasas, TX 76550 in Burnet County.
3. Relay to the Emergency Responder your location on the property, i.e. which hunting field, shooting range or station.
4. Let AGC personnel know of the emergency at 512-755-2282. Or have someone in your party report to the clubhouse for further assistance.

All posted signage must be followed and obeyed as part of the range rules.

During a Cease Fire – All firearms are to be cleared and empty, with chambers open. There shall be no manipulation of firearms or firearm components for the safety of those down range.

No consumption of alcohol, drugs, or ability impairing prescription drugs are allowed before or during the process of shooting, hunting, riding ATV’s, riding horses, operating equipment, or any time that is inappropriate according to the club management.

All members and guests are required to check in and out at the clubhouse both prior to and immediately following any activity. No exceptions.

All persons on property are required to have read and agreed to the Release of Liability and these Rules and Regulations upon arrival to the club. This requirement includes non-shooting guests.

Children under the age of 18 must always be accompanied by an adult who is responsible for the minor.

No shooting of any firearm outside of its designated area.

The pistol ranges (Tactical Bays) will be closed when hunters are in the field behind the pistol range. It is the responsibility of each member and guest to ask club personnel the status of the pistol range before shooting.

The rifle range will be closed when members or guests are utilizing the fields down range of the shooting platform or when maintenance is being performed on the range. It is the responsibility of each member and their guest(s) to check in with a club representative before using the rifle range.
Police your trash and your brass. Pick up and properly dispose of all paper targets and all trash.
Do not throw cigarette butts on the ground. Be sure to leave the ranges neater than you found them.

No Center Fire High Velocity Calibers – calibers larger than 338 Lapua are NOT allowed on the rifle range.

Only ammunition that is rated for steel target per standard industry use is allowed at either the pistol or rifle range. Standard industry rules guidelines are:

Handgun calibers must maintain a minimum distance of 30-yards

Rifle calibers must maintain a minimum distance of 100-yards

Shotguns using birdshot must maintain a minimum distance of 30-yards

Shotguns using slugs must maintain a minimum distance of 100-yards

NO rifle calibers are allowed for use on the steel targets in the tactical bays. The FN 5.7 caliber and similar type rounds are not allowed to be shot at the steel on the pistol ranges.

Absolutely NO steel core, green tips, armor piercing or tracer ammunition is allowed. Violators will be responsible for replacement of damaged target as well as loss of membership and/or access to club.

Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated during any club activity; likewise, horseplay will not be tolerated in any shooting area or hunting field.

Safe gun practices must be used at all times. No loaded guns allowed anywhere except at shooting stations on the firing lines, or when in the field hunting.

No shooting at birds or targets on the ground under any circumstances.

Management, guides, & personnel have authority to correct any unsafe gun practices or behaviors, and repeated offenses will result in the loss of hunting or shooting rights along with membership.
Members and guest may also correct or “call out” any unsafe gun practices and are to report instances to AGC personnel.

Any expense incurred due to unsafe gun handling will be the responsibility of the shooter and/or the party responsible for the shooter. This includes injury to people, domesticated animals, and damage to property.

The cost of a dog injured or killed by a shooter due to unsafe gun practices will be the responsibility of the shooter and/or the party responsible for the shooter including but not limited to veterinary care and/or replacement of the dog. Dog replacement cost will be no less than $5,000.00.

Complaints will be heard by the management, and proper procedure regarding AGC representatives or other members/guests will be followed to resolve problems.

Stealing, cheating, or destruction of equipment or property will not be tolerated. Further, you will be responsible for repair or replacement of damaged property or equipment.

You must report any accident that occurs while on the premises. This includes injury to any person or animal, or any damage to property or equipment.

The use of safety glasses and ear protection are at the discretion of the individual, but mandatory for anyone under the age of 18. It is strongly suggested that eye and ear protection is worn during any shooting activity. Those who choose not to protect their eyes or ears do so at their own risk.

Adult Participant Information

Adult Participant (18 and older). Each adult is required to sign their own form. All persons on site are required to have a completed release form regardless of activities. 

Youth Participant Information

If you have a minor/youth 17 and under with you please select the appropriate options to add them to this release form. By completing the youth particpant section, both yourself and the youth(s) are agreeing to the terms set forth in this agreement.


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By signing and submitting this Waiver of Liability you are agreeing to all terms and conditions listed and outlined. 

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