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Choosing our systems was difficult. There are many great systems out there, but we narrowed our current needs down to TI Training and LaserShot. We felt these two systems best suited our club and training needs to date. Both systems offer their own unique training and skill sets and they both have the added advantage of being portable. If you can't come to us, we can bring them to you.

Our novice shooters can come into the training room where we will teach them basic firearms safety and proper handling techniques in the safety of the lab then progressing them out to the range to live fire in the pistol bay. 

Our experienced shooters can train for improved marksmanship and skill without the added expense of hundreds of rounds ammunition. They can then test their skills with live fire drills in the pistol bay.



The TI Training System is a very robust training tool for all skill levels and disciplines from civilian to military to law enforcement. Some of the main features for us are the use of force and personal protection training capabilities. The large screen helps put you in the "scenario" for real life experiences. 

The Firing Line feature of the system allows us to create our own courses of fire. All our campers enjoyed the camp course of fire as they were able to compete against each other time and time again, all the while improving their safety skills and accuracy in a safe controlled environment. If you have a course of fire you would like us to create, just let us know and we can work with you on your personal, company, or team shooting needs. 

Our TI Outdoors system is designed to incorporate Competition, Hunting, Education, and Entertainment segments in one system. The Hunting and Education portions are still under development with plans for release early next year. 


Laser Shot is well known to us form working with Texas Park's and Wildlife Hunter's Education as educators and working with our youth. It has been exciting to see the improvements made to their system and new options available. The system is extremely portable and offers everything from skills drills to hunting games to hunters education. 

At our God & Guns Summer Youth Camp this past summer we were able to show and discuss different hunting scenarios for our campers and educate them on the three key factors when hunting: Is it safe? Is it ethical? Is it legal?

This system is loaded with many arcade style shooting games from quail to ducks to elk. You can even go on an African Safari. One of the most unique aspects of this system is the use of clay targets in the form of trap and sporting clays for our shotgunners. Our pistols shooters are not left out with our shoot house drills and steel target courses. 

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