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Long Range 2 with Accuracy1st

  • November 30, 2018
  • December 02, 2018
  • Austin Gun Club, 2901 County Road 206, Lampasas, TX 76550

This is a special class for those that have the time to take a multiple day course. The student will be able to go thru all the LR2 class and get into the Advanced course all in the same course.

Ammo is suggested at 150 rounds per day for a total of 450 rounds.

The advanced side will get into more ballistics and showing the student how to define problems based on what he is seeing. Two days is really hard to get enough info to the class. Most of my military classes are at least 5 days and even then its hard to get in enough info without it being an overload.

Material needed will be the same as other classes - Sun block, hearing protection, pen and paper, shooting mat is nice to have as well as a good spotting scope. The student will always learn more with more time on the spotter.

LR2 Everything associated with long range Safety Breakdown of the rifle - pluses and minuses Caliber selection - pros and cons and how to evaluate Scope selection - MOA vs Mils, Reticle choices, etc Make the most of your Ballistic Computers Wind - How to read wind and how to adjust for it Density Altitude - how the atmospherics effect your bullets flight path (Basic level) Body position - Better control of the rifle for aiming and recoil management Ballistics - Basic level, Internal, External and Terminal Accuracy 1st formulas - Custom Wind - Speed Shooting


How to make the most of all reticles - Duplex, Ballistic, Mil dot, Holding reticles(grid style) Positional shooting How to read wind - Mirage, Terrain features, Vegetation, How to utilize your spotting scope Ballistic computer usage for building custom formulas High Angle classroom Heavy focus on wind calling

This is the closest class, to the military classes, we do for the civilian market

This course is booked through Accuracy1st. Click HERE to be redirected to their website for booking and additional information 

Cost: $350/day

Lodging and meals are not included in the price of the course and are available at Austin Gun Club on request. Additional fees will apply. We have put together an information sheet for those attending the Accuracy1st classes. Click on the flyer link. 

AGC Information Sheet for Accuracy1st Students

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